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We have an immense collection of statuses, captions, quotes & bios for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitter & even WhatsApp. On top of that you’ll find a huge collection of hashtags as well as content for Shayari lovers here. Apart from entertainment, Dislyke specializes in giving the resources you need to become a better social media influencer. Our aim is to teach you how to market & present yourself better online.


Dislyke is about making you look cooler

We have everything you need to get started on your social media influencing journey. From tips & tricks to gain followers to top tier influencer advice, we are dedicated to get you more followers & admirers on all types of social media. From Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to Snapchat & even WhatsApp, we have everything in store for you.

Dislyke is for social media users that don’t for less than stellar online content. Our team works day & night to get you what’s the latest social media trend & helps you strategize your online persona. Gear up for our extensive list of articles on captions, statuses, quotes, bios & more.

What is Dislyke about?

Expect to find a multitude of statuses, quotes & captions for nailing your posts & gaining immense traction on whatever platform you choose to post on. We also have a great number of Shayari, Bios & Hashtags to keep you fully up to date with current posting trends. If you really want to make it big in the social media game, you’re at the right place.

Weather you want to woo your crush or simply enhance your reach, we have everything you’ll ever need to make it happen. The world has really changed in the last decade, with social media becoming an integral mode for person to person interaction.

This has created a very lucrative environment to make your mark in the online world. In spite of it being very competitive, we have fresh & cutting edge advice that will always make keep you ahead of your competitors.

Keeping you updated about changing social media trends

The landscape of social media influencing is in a constant state of flux, meaning it changes drastically almost everyday. So if you’ve decided to make it your career, you must be up to date with what’s happening in the business. It’s all about research & experimentation now, as there’s immense competition entering the market everyday. So to remain ahead, don’t forget to keep up with what’s new in the market.¬†Subscribe to Dislyke for all the latest info on this subject & improve your chances of success.

How does it work?

Using the right statuses & captions will lure the audience to you. On social media everyone is looking for something that is meaningful to them & has the ability to motivate & inspire. Using quotes by Dislyke will give you an appeal that will enable you to attract a strong following. With te passage of time, you’ll be able to create a niche audience that will take your social to new heights.

What it takes

It’s a game of persistence & patience. Hard work does pay off but only when done in a smart way. So follow the social media influencing advice by Dislyke. We will help you focus your energies on what matters most. Dislyke is always here to make your social media journey way more easier. We don not post generic content that’s repititive, but our goal is to ensure you get value each time you visit us.

Why are Status, Captions & Quotes so important?

The reason these are crucial for social media success is simply because this is pure content in the classical sense. People use social media for such content. Imagine uploading a photo with no caption, it’ll be a dull experience for any user coming across it. But using the right captions or quotes will simply add more intrigue & depth to the photo. Similarly, using a status that is attractive or seemingly intellectual will make it more likely for individuals to follow you & like your stuff

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