500+ One Word Captions for Instagram [Love, Savage & Two Words]

Instagram enables you to write a caption along with your picture or video before uploading. Pictures with captions are more eye-catching than pictures without captions. So, you need to use them on social media applications. Caption writing is pretty much an art in itself. It has more significance than hashtags, especially one word captions that are short & grab attention instantly.

Writing long captions is quite demanding and time taking, so using one-word captions for Instagram is a better idea. Posting a photo on the app along with short, brief, and concise one-word captions for Instagram is something that is perfect for catching instant attention. Having a catchy one-word caption can do wonders & earn you more followers.

Like many other socializing applications Instagram provides a platform to share your life and speak out your emotions & share your life with your loved ones and the people around the globe. Therefore, people exhibit different phases of their lives on their feed. Over 1 billion people use this social app in a month, spend on average 53 minutes daily which is a longer duration than most zoom meetings. People from all age groups use these types of applications but particularly youth contributed a huge sum to their users. Most of people spend their time posting, engaging at different posts, and scrolling on the app.

One Word Captions for Instagram 2022

Here are some of the best One-word captions for Instagram for you to make your pics look cooler.

It is a kind of personal app for friends and family to interact rather than business but still, 71% of businesses use this for a good reason. According to researchers, 80% of users shop something suggested by a business account, they follow and it is estimated that a minimum 1 business account is followed by half of the population of the application. Post of the feed of Instagram is more popular than stories but they are gaining some fame. In posting a picture on the feeding, there is less space for customization but a user can customize stories to a larger extent by using different options provided by the application. Instagram allows you to upload pictures, videos, and many more on your feed or in the story. Capturing emotions in pictures is an art but the most interesting part is sharing with friends.

Best One word Instagram Captions

Best One word Instagram Captions

When someone talks about one-word Instagram captions this means a word that is full of emotions, feelings, and meaning. Therefore, choose of that particular word is quite tricky. That word should be according to your picture, mood, and situation. here are some of the best One Word Instagram Captions for you to caption your pics with.

  • Forever
  • Friyay
  • XOXO
  • Dollface
  • Sadidas
  • Shindig
  • Bellissimo
  • Confidence
  • Mafia
  • Snollygoster
  • Quirky
  • Savage
  • Moonwake
  • Seeker
  • Rockstar
  • Buddies
  • Evolve
  • Nocturnal
  • Reminiscence
  • Marshmallow
  • Khwabeeda
  • OneLove
  • Backspace
  • Lifted
  • Perfect
  • Aquaholic
  • Hotness
  • Alive
  • Hipster
  • Askhole
  • Balance
  • Comfy
  • Dope
  • Fire
  • Golden
  • Crazy
  • Eating
  • Everything
  • Buddies
  • Carefree
  • Boom
  • Obsessed
  • Splendid
  • Dream
  • Unpredictable
  • Incredible
  • Hustlin’
  • Brace
  • LOL
  • Smile
  • Bae
  • Bumfuzzle
  • Cheers!
  • Modern
  • Escape
  • Nocturnal
  • Netflix
  • Explore
  • Hot
  • Bookworm
  • Enigmatic
  • Karma
  • Progress
  • Daydreaming
  • Countdown
  • Try
  • Focus
  • Legend
  • Faith
  • Weirdo
  • Thankful
  • Holidays
  • Family
  • Revenge
  • Me
  • Speechless
  • Bazinga
  • Blessed
  • If
  • Cuddly Bunny
  • Weeeeeeekend
  • Attitude
  • Tragedy
  • Smarty-Pants
  • Relax
  • Wanderer
  • Love
  • Hustler
  • BusyBee
  • Faith
  • Chill
  • Simplify
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Enjoy
  • Ordinary
  • Ageless
  • Newbie
  • Hotshot
  • Listen
  • Bruh
  • Exploring

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One word Caption for Love

One word Caption for Love

Girls mostly used captions related to fashion, make-up, lifestyle, and beauty, one word captions are here to rescue them in this tiresome task. They always focus on their beauty, their make-up, their dress, and their shoes. Instagrammers can create a difference, invite a dialogue, give solutions through a correct description of the text, and correctly selected hashtags increase Instagram fame.

Users add some cool 2-word captions for selfies, deep one-word captions, quotes, and sayings for Instagram bio. One-word captions for friends are considered essential along with pictures with a group of friends. The number of users of Instagram is increasing day by day so the accurate captions will help you to add followers and enhance activity on the post.

There is a wide range of captions available on the internet which suit every mood and every moment. So what feeling is deeper & warmer than the feeling of being loved. Express your state of bliss with these Captions for love below.

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  • -Us-“

  • “Sunshine”

  • “Bae”

  • “Love”

  • “Emotional”

  • “Cuddles”

  • “Thankful”

  • “Dream”

  • “Everything”

  • “Forgiven”

  • “Balance”

  • “Lucky”

  • “Family”

  • “Him”

  • “Her”

  • “Moments”

  • “Always”

  • “Everything”

  • “Feelings!”

  • “Beautiful”

Beautiful One Word captions

Beautiful One Word captions

One can interpret the personality of the user through the caption he/she puts on the feed. On this app you can write a bio, it’s a short introduction of the user; it is observed that people usually write a short and deep bio on their account as there is less word limit provided by the app so Instagrammers have to struggle to write a brief yet effective one-word bio which depicts his/her personality. Here are some beautiful one-word captions for you to use.

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  • Zzz…

  • Facts

  • Truth

  • Honestly

  • Mood

  • Inspo

  • Vibes

  • Feels

  • Love

  • Relatable

  • Happy

  • Reality

  • Energy

Single Word Caption

Single Word Caption

Now only seeing a photo is not of much use, the number of likes and shares matter the most. If there is more engagement on the post, it means that there are fairly great chances of getting sponsorship from different brands. These single captions are the right mix to make people double-tap your posts.

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  • Independent

  • Patient

  • Confident

  • Interested

  • Persistent

  • Creative

  • Introverted

  • Resourceful

  • Curious

  • Lighthearted

  • Social

  • Diligent

  • Favorite

  • Fantastic

  • Ideal

  • Great

  • Marvelous

  • Deadly

  • Skip it

Sassy One Word Captions

Sassy One Word Captions

Here are some hot, sizzling & sassy captions for you to ‘hotten’ up your followers’ feed. Check these sassy one-word captions out.

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  • Interesting

  • Excellent

  • Careful

  • Enjoy

  • Certainly

  • Definitely

  • Completely

  • Exactly

  • Absolutely

  • Quickly

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Two Word Captions

Sometimes, you are not in the mood to write a long caption for Instagram or you ran out of words so the simple route is the way to go. Here are some simple yet attractive two word captions for your use.

  • Accept yourself

  • Act justly

  • Aim high

  • Alive & well

  • Amplify hope

  • Baby steps

  • Be awesome

  • Be colorful

  • Be fearless

  • Be honest

  • Be kind

  • Be spontaneous

  • Game on

  • Getting there

  • Give thanks

  • Good job

  • Good vibration

  • Got love?

  • Hakuna Matata

  • Happy endings

  • Have faith

  • Have patience

  • Hello gorgeous

  • Hold on

  • How lovely

  • I can

  • I remember…

  • Be still

  • Be yourself

  • Beautiful chaos

  • Breathe deeply


  • Don’t panic

  • Don’t stop

  • Dream big

  • Dream bird

  • Enjoy life

  • Enjoy today

Aesthetic One Word Captions

Aesthetic One Word Captions

A photo can speak thousands of words? Not always. Captions for selfies & pictures are as important as the picture itself although it is a visual application. You can depict your personality through beautiful one-word captions for Instagram or a few lines of the description given in the caption by providing appropriate context to your pictures. Grace your pictures with these aesthetic one-word captions right below.

  • Precious

  • Spotless

  • Joyous

  • Putrid

  • Vivacious

  • Lovely

  • Helpless

  • Repulsive

  • Wandering

  • Tasty

  • Unsightly

  • Worried

  • Enthusiastic

  • Smoggy

  • Horrible

  • Delightful

  • Wide-eyed

  • Upset

  • Thoughtless

  • Uptight

  • Perfect

  • Disturbed

  • Expensive

  • Jittery

  • Old-fashioned

  • Hungry

  • Magnificent

  • Glorious

  • Doubtful

  • Jolly

  • Sparkling

  • Obnoxious

  • Dizzy

  • Mushy

  • Gorgeous

  • Graceful

  • Elegant

  • Charming

  • Unusual

  • Prickly

  • Bored

Savage 2 word Caption

Do you know how much attitude you got in your personality? Savage 2 word captions &Attitude one-word quotes are a must with your photos on Instagram to highlight your exuberant personality. Your boomerang with an attitude quote is enough to set the spotlight on you. Here are some awesome savage 2 word captions you’ll really love.

  • “Be Yourself.”

  • “Dream Bird.”

  • “Rise Above.”

  • “You Matter.”

  • “You Can.”

  • “Accept Yourself.”

  •  “Trust Yourself.”

  • “Consistency=Success.”

  •  “Stay Focused.”

  •  “Move Forward.”

  • “Try Again.”

One word Caption for Beautiful girl

There are a huge number of girls Instagrammers out there so there is a lot of one-word caption for girls. They are more concerned about their online life so they are always in search of cute, cool, attitude, and good one-word captions, for their photos. Check these One Word Captions for Beautiful Girl.

  • “Cutie”

  • “Shhh.”

  • “Savage”

  • “Gorgeous”

  • “Girls”

  • “Relax”

  • “Loving”

  • “Alone.”

  • “Sisterhood.”

  • “Ambitious”

  • “Cozy”

  • “Girlboss.”

  • “Sisters”

  • “Bitch”

  • “Fragile”

  • “Bad”

  • “Sore”

  • “Shopoholic”

  • “Resilience”

  • “Blooming”

Funny One Word Captions

Humor is something that’s guaranteed to earn you more followers. And humor mixed with the right bit of coolness is funny as hell. Here are some funny captions for you.

  • Reckless.

  • Sunshine.

  • Foolish.

  • Screwed.

  • Independent.

  • Crazy.

  • Period.

  • Swag.

  • Wanderlust.

  • Vibes.

  • Cooling.

  • Karma.

  • Brazy.

  • Flawsome.

  • Alcoholic.

  • Lost.

  • Persevere.

  • Savage.

  • Escape.

  • Ignited.

  • Bliss..

  • Hopeless.

  • XOXO.

Short vacation captions

A great vacation is a bliss to be thankful for. Especially when your partner or friends are there to make it even better. here are sone great short vacation captions below.

  • “Beautiful Disaster.”

  • “God’s Masterpiece.”

  • “Sunday Funday.” “Happy Trails.”

  • “Lovely Day.” “Stay Tuned.”

  • “Lost Soul.”

  • “No Filter.”

  • “Frisky Friday.”

  • “Warning Sign.”

  • “Embrace Elegance.”

  • “Be Fierce.”

  • “Embrace Elegance.”

  • “Hopelessly Romantic.”

  • “Sunny Vibes.”

Sad One Word Captions

Sadness drains you & depression feels like a weight on your chest. Under such circumstances, it feels good to share & connect with your friends & followers for support. Use these sad one-word captions to let tgem know your state of mind.

  • Wandering

  • Helpless

  • Lovely

  • Unsightly

  • Putrid

  • Joyous

  • Bored

  • Vivacious

  • Spotless

  • Worried

  • Repulsive

  • Tasty

  • Precious

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Caption One Word

Caption One Word

Now users cannot see content in chronological order but priority is given to the engagement as well as the actual time the content is posted and this can only be effectively done by simple one-word captions, quotes, and one-word bios for Instagram. Instead of a long caption, caption one word is what you ought to be using.

  • Crazy

  • Friendship

  • Besties

  • Laughter

  • Brothers

  • Fun

  • Wild

  • Different.

  • Fellas

  • Gang

  • Nocturnal

  • Epic

  • Precious

  • Eyerolls

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  • Weirdos

  • Chillin

  • Winks

  • Gang

  • Soulmates

  • Buddies

  • Lucky

  • LOL

  • Immature

  • Family

  • OOPS!

  • Band

  • Secrets

  • OMG!

  • Adventures

  • Weirdo

  • Sisters

  • Sisterhood

  • Brotherhood

  • Bros

  • Complete

  • Blessed

  • Vibin´

  • Dudes

  • Fearless

Self One word caption

Nowadays people are creating some amazing content by exploiting the power of Instagram words. They are creating a trend that is then followed by millions of users. Using these self captions will be of great benefit.

  • Graceful

  • Gorgeous

  • Dizzy

  • Charming

  • Elegant

  • Sparkling

  • Enthusiastic

  • Jolly

  • Obnoxious

  • Prickly

  • Unusual

  • Mushy

Cute One Word Captions

Cute One Word Captions

Among billion of Instagrammers, your feed and post should be stand out through the personalization of your account through simple, deep, cute, cool, good captions for photos. here are some awesomely cute one-word captions you can use.

  • “Glowing”

  • “Special”

  • “Jokers”

  • “Goofy”

  • “Rebels”

  • “Moments”

  • “Enjoying”

  • “Legend”

  • “Fearless”

  • “Nocturnal”

  • “Unexpected”

  • “Fashionistas”

  • “Ravishing”

  • “Treasure”

  • “Hustler”

  • “ROFL”

  • “Holidays!!!”

  • “Weeeeeeekend!”

  • “Mesmerizing”

  • “Exploring”

  • “Awesome”

  • “Curious”

  • “Wild”

  • “Marvellous”

Best Short Captions

Best Short Captions

You can add one-word captions for Instagram about every possible aspect of the world as it is your own space. Try to represent yourself and your product by creating meaningful captions, they will also give a sudden boost to engagement on the post. Use these best short captions for better results.

  • Living life

  • Oh hi

  • Worry less

  • Mixed feelings

  • Be kind

  • Self-loving

  • Try again

  • Yeah, hoo..

  • Let’s go

  • Endless fun

  • Sunny vibes

  • One day

  • Simply happy

  • Lookup

  • Feeling good

  • Do well

  • Golden days

  • Blue skies

  • Daydreaming

  • Have Fun.

One word Captions For Boyfriend

make your Boyfriend feel loved & special. After all, if it isn’t you then who else. These One-word Captions for boyfriend are exactly what you need.

  • “Ambition.”

  • “Crazy”

  • “Therapy”

  • “Dreamers”

  • “Daydreaming”

  • “Classy”

  • “Sassy”

  • “Cheers!”

  • “Celebrating”

  • “Stupid”

  • “October”

  • “Pause.”

  • “Silly”

  • “Blessed”

  • “Fabulous”

  • “Tranquility”

  • “YOLO”

  • “Badass”

  • “Surprise!”

  • “YAY!”

  • “Feelings!”

  • “Inspire”

  • “Hemophilia”

  • “Enjoying”

One Word Caption For Girls

Girls are usually emotional so this emotionality can easily be seen in their picture captions. They like lyrical, poetic, and emotional captions. If you go through a feed of any girl influencer, you can easily see Instagram words related to fashion and beauty. here are some captions for girls.

  • “Crazy”

  • “Speechless”

  • “Beauty”

  • “Happy”

  • “Smile”

  • “Heartbreaker”

  • “Bestie”

  • “Unicorn”

  • “Cuddles”

  • “Fashion”

  • “Breathe”

  • “Badass”

  • “Foxy”

  • “Classy”

  • “Sassy”

  • “Dieting”

  • “Fine”

  • “Grateful”

  • “Fashionistas”

  • “Curls”

How to use one-word captions for Instagram?

There should be variety in your caption, try to mix different kinds of captions for solo pictures, one-word quotes for selfies, and a word caption for a friend, in this way you can add life to your pictures. Some people encourage long captions and usually, they either use their creativity to create captions or quote any writer, author, poet, motivational speaker, or famous personality. Customarily, long captions are used by literary people, writers, poets, or bloggers, they share their feelings, emotions, and stories by using long paragraphs or long poetry. These people are fond of details and depth, conventionally; they have vast vocabulary and ideas. Similarly, some people like short but meaningful captions on their posts while on the other hand, some rely just on one phrase even one-word captions for Instagram.

Sayings and quotes of famous personalities are also written in the bio for Instagram. The caption is critical for every user but it is more significant for influencers out there because it directly affects their income.

Engaging with Followers

There are a lot of ways to boost activity and engagement on your post such as answering questions, reviewing products and creating polls, or putting one-word captions for Instagram, etc.

Instagram is a platform where people usually depict strong traits in themselves. Attitude is the most powerful component of your outlook, personality, and character. A positive attitude helps us in understanding ourselves, presenting ourselves, and act in everyday life. Others attitude towards us is shaped by our attitude to them, it is something people should reflect in their behavior. In modern times, your feeds of social media applications are the mirror of your character and personality. It can be opined that introverts tend to use deep and concise captions and bios while extroverts always try to express more through verbosity.

Typically, people with lots of attitudes use short phrases and one or 2-word captions. Not all the time you have good-looking or pictures full of aesthetics so at that time you should complement them with captions to highlight pictures in front of an audience. If you have a positive attitude then it earns you a lot of harmony, peace and improves your mental state. It also repairs your broken relationships. It is a mindset that you can build up and share with others through your one-word captions for Instagram below pictures.

Researchers show that girls take more pictures than boys, so they engage more on their feed, friends` feeds, they tag each other in pictures; so only tons of pictures are not enough to get more ‘likes’, cool and cute captions are something that brings attention to your pictures. Girls always worried about their pictures and on-point captions to increase the number of likes on the picture.

These are some of the basic sources to increase activity and engagement with your followers on your post, you can do this by giving prizes through giveaways and it is very common in bloggers and influencers. It is the beauty of captions that adds life to your photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a caption?

A caption is a brief description with a picture The Latin word of a caption is ‘capito’, which means seizing or holding. There are lots of examples and types of captions. For example, you can add a caption that identifies the subject of your picture or describe a certain aspect you want to highlight. It is a piece of text that emerges below the text. It can be one word captions for Instagram, several words, phrases, sentences, and even paragraphs.

What are good IG captions?

IG captions are the text that can be written with the pictures on your feeds or in stories that appear for 24 hours. Good captions are the ones that efficiently explain the picture. They can be a quote, saying of any well-known person, a line from the movie, and lyrics of the song, anything that an Instagrammer likes. There is no hard and fast rule for measuring the quality of the captions you can put caption according to your mood and likeness.

What are some one word captions?

One of the cool features of Instagram is writing captions on your posts for describing pictures in this way the engagement on the post increase. Despite the fact, it is a visual social media application but captions are something that gives a boost to the posts. Influencers and bloggers are earning money through it by writing about any product, any issue on their Instagram feed.

One-word captions for Instagram are common among youngsters, they write cute one-word captions in a different font, style along with emoji on their post or the story as well. These are attitude words i.e, savage, wild, heartbreaker, etc cool words for Instagram captions i.e, beauty, cutie, hottie, etc, words from other languages i.e, l’amour, sometimes acronyms such as LOL, LMAO, etc and even slangs i.e, xoxo, yayy are the biggest part of one-word quotes for selfies, photos, and groupies on the Instagram.

What is the best caption for DP?

Display picture is something people notice first about you on your account, so we cannot deny its significance. Choose the best one-word captions that describe you especially the picture that you are using for a profile picture. It can be your own words, phrases, and sentences, you can take help from the internet and even from the books. People usually go for solo pictures or cute selfies for their DP.

What are some cute captions?

Selfies can go with short cute captions. Girls are far good at it but boys are also getting better at putting some cute and cool captions along with their photos on Instagram. There is a bunch of one-word caption for selfie on the internet. A messy selfie on Sunday morning can be captioned as Sunday Funday, boys at the gym have captions like best of me is yet to come. These captions will enhance the activity on the post.

To sum up the whole debate, it is important that in an Instagram post picture should be stunning, a caption should be accurate hashtags are cheesy and the location should be eye-catching. A post should be hot enough to set your competitors on fire. Always try to be creative, excessive use of quotations will underrate your posts, try to enhance your word store so that your followers and audience awaits your content.

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