70+ Life WhatsApp Status 2022 [Sad, Happy & Sweet]

Some words have great importance and effects on the reader. You must keep your contacts intact with you through your inspiring words. We all know that social channels have become an integral part of our lives through which we can help someone to get back on track in their lives.

When it comes to discussing such messages or thoughts, we can’t ignore life WhatsApp status. The reason is that you will find them effective and beneficial for you. In this blog, we have only aim to tell you about life WhatsApp quotes and let you understand them deeply.

Why WhatsApp status are effective?

Life WhatsApp status is effective because of their words or intentions. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging applications around the world. Due to its extra privacy features and functions, every person is using this application to do chatting with his friends.

What type of life status in English can be used on WhatsApp?

It is one of the biggest problems that you may have to face because you might be confused about what type of life English status you should use. Here are the types that will let you understand this.

Life WhatsApp Status 2022

Life is really complex & sometimes hard, but it’s the small special moments that we may cherish. To out to words such splendid feelings, we must come up with the right words to express them.

It’s okay if it feels difficult to do, we’re here for you always! Check out these amazing & uplifting life statuses for WhatsApp.

Feeling Life Status

Feeling Life status WHATSAPP

Sometimes, you can’t say your words or express your thoughts directly to someone. In such a case, you will find it hard to say your words because you can’t rely on the third person. In such a case, the best way to express your thoughts like positive life quotes is via WhatsApp status.

  • Your Life Is Worth Much More Than Gold.

  • May You Live All The Days Of Your Life.

  • Ceaselessly Do Small Things With Great Love.

  • Value Life It Comes With An Expiry Date.

By doing this, you will be able to express your thoughts comfortably and the concerned person will get an idea about your intentions just after reading it. You can use this channel to say meaningful life quotes or show feeling life status.

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Life WhatsApp Quotes

Life WhatsApp Quotes

Due to the above reasons, people are using the WhatsApp status section to say life WhatsApp quotes or life WhatsApp status. You must have heard about this category but might be confused about the status or messages that you can display using WhatsApp.

  • Life is short, and it relies upon you to make it sweet.

  • Life is a movement of little advances.

  • An essential life is a great life.

In the upcoming section, we are going to show you some life WhatsApp status types that you can use for better outcomes.

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2 Line Life Status in English

2 line life status in English

We have a wide collection of one-line statuses on life, 2 line life status in English & much much more. It is not compulsory to let the people live in virtual life where nothing will happen to their lives. For instance, when you are watching too many movies, you will start dreaming such events that will not happen in your real life.

  • You don’t see that I can’t handle myself since you’re gone.

  • I want to rest anyway but my mind will not stop chatting with itself.

  • You get depressed considering the way that you understand that you are not what you should be.

  • To a great extent you want to drop a couple of things for you to convey more critical things.

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Meaningful Life Quotes

Meaningful Life Quotes

Sometimes, we keep sharing quotations on our WhatsApp statuses without considering the intentions. No doubt, we always try to keep readers happy according to our mood swings.

  • Work for a reason not such a great amount for tribute, Live life to impart, not to interest.

  • Each new day is a chance to change you totally.

  • Life is short. Live excitedly.

  • Life is a superb fight.

But sometimes, you need to use meaningful life quotes to let the people what is the real meaning of their lives and how they have to spend their lives. In turn, you will be able to encourage them using your feeling life status collection.

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Inspirational Life Status

Sometimes, you must have seen people around you are getting hard times in their lives. Such situations may lead you away from their aims and don’t let them grow in their fields. In such a case, you should use your words wisely and tell them about positivity in their lives.

  • Life is a journey, not a race..

  • Do whatever it takes not to talk, basically act. Make an effort not to say, just show. Do whatever it takes not to ensure, essentially illustrate.

  • A single preview of certified please is more amazing than a significant stretch of pain.

  • Never judge anyone till you’ve paid attention to the full story and seen the reason why they do the things they do.

For this, you can use positive life quotes and post them on your WhatsApp status. By doing this, you will be able to fulfill the requirements of the task as well as keep yourself away from the receiver’s thoughts. Inspirational quotes will boost their morale and let them stand confidently to face all situations in their lives.

Real Life Status

Real Life Status

In the end, you will not be able to live a happy life and be discouraged from your current happiness of life. So, you need to make sure that your contacts will not feel like this and keep their morale high in their real lives.

  • Demoralization looks like a contention. You either win or you pass on.

  • Life is not a profit & loss statement.

  • Let me live my life unless you want problems.

To do this, you can use life English status or real-life status and let the receiver understand the actual meanings of life. In turn, the person will think such things that are close to real-life instead of living a dreamy life.

Lifeline Status

Lifeline Status

When it comes to discussing status in English about life, we can’t ignore lifeline status or lifeline thoughts. The reason is such quotes or words will keep the receiver close to life and let them understand the meanings of this happy life.

  • Really, life is better when you close you can’t muster the energy to care

  • I’m feeling so miserable and deterred, and, shockingly, more I can’t ex

  • Regular day-to-day existence is troublesome, But It Is Still Good….

Life End Status

Life End Status

You can use my life status as an experience for them and motivate them to reach their goal. In short, you can use any type of life best status to use in your WhatsApp and let the people be real instead of being fake or too dreamy.

  • When I am gone, just carry on and don’t mourn.

  • Sometimes I sit staring out of the window, thinking about what this world has gone by.

  • Somedays I think, there’s nothing to live for, I just breakdown & cry.


In the above blog, we have provided you with complete information about life WhatsApp status and why you need to use them. You can pick any of the above collections related to quotes and start displaying them on your status.

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