99+ WhatsApp Short Status 2022 [Cool, Inspirational & Deep]

Whatsapp short status is very common nowadays. People use WhatsApp every day. It is not wrong if I say every six hours. These are used mostly sometimes to deliver a silent message to someone. People use WhatsApp short status to inform a large number of people.

It’s not possible to send 120 people the same message on WhatsApp. The best thing is to put a quote or saying. It helps you to convey a message to 120 people. Now you are probably wondering how?.

Status messages for WhatsApp are the best way to send messages to someone. If someone breaks your heart and her number is on your mobile, whenever you put status for WhatsApp for your heart breaker see your message.

Whatsapp Short Status 2022

Such content on any platform makes your account perfect. It helps people in various aspects of life. It motivated them to stay active in their work.

Short Status for WhatsApp

Short Status for WhatsApp

People who are added to your mobile phone check your Whatsapp short status when they are available. People respond to you if they have information related to them. It includes hidden messages for someone with whom you have no guts to ask anything.

  • Yet again here I go faking a smile.

  • Regard your own self as a VIP.

  • Deal with the inadequacies of others as gently as with your own.

People love to use status on WhatsApp. It’s a very good thing to convey a message to everyone rather than sending them one by one.  It’s only visible only for 24 hours. One more thing is not everyone can see this only those who have your number can see your WhatsApp status.

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Short Funny Status

Short Funny Status

Short funny quotes about life lessons are very important ones. People use these kinds of messages to motivate someone or to explain to someone the issue. Some people face problems in life so this type of quote helps them to start again. You can use this type of quote to motivate others.

Short calm quotes are used for giving rest to yourself for some time. You feel tired doing too much work. By reading these types of quotes you feel relaxed and it helps you to refresh your mind.

  • Men have feelings too. For instance, we feel hungry.

  • You love trees, yet you cut them. You love creatures, yet you eat them. Furthermore, You similarly said you love me, so in the end, I’m frightened!

  • My professor had a 45-minute discussion with me about not messing things up.

Cute short faith quotes are related to your faith. A good message for your faith. Short funny statuses are used to make fun.  This type is used for comedy. People love to enjoy this. You can find lots of related stuff on the internet related to comedy, funny, etc.

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Short Status Quotes

Short Status Quotes

Lots of people use status quotes to make someone regret who didn’t help them in time of need. Lots of WhatsApp short statuses are available on the internet. Billions of people use them every day. Some use status quotes to express their feelings. Some put poetry, some put motivational quotes, some put stuff related to food, and some put related to love.

  • Life is truly immediate, yet we demand making it muddled.

  • From time to time, a couple of unsuitable individual shows us the right outlines generally through everyday presence.

  • Life shouldn’t worry about being astonishing to be awesome.

Short Inspirational Quotes

Short Inspirational Quotes

There are different types of WhatsApp statuses available on google. And also in categories. People use inspirational quotes for inspiration. When someone sees inspirational quotes he feels an inspiration inside. Daily inspiration helps you to work with passion.

  • I shouldn’t mess around with an ideal life. I truly need a euphoric life.

  • It’s just a shocking day, not a dreadful life.

  • Life is associated with laughing and living.

People use inspirational quotes for letter boards to send a message to someone. Some people use short cute WhatsApp quotes. Cute status is mostly used by girls or parents who put their child’s photo, then put a quote below too. By doing so, the picture feels more beautiful.

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Short Deep Quotes

Short Deep Quotes

A beautiful quote or caption gives beauty to a photo. Aesthetic sayings are now available on almost every platform. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are almost everywhere. You can find a good quote on any of these platforms.

  • There are no victors for the most part through everyday presence… just survivors!

  • Right when we want to track down the best in others, we somehow draw out the best in ourselves.

  • We will undoubtedly be genuinely & noticeably be blemished in our life.

Cool Quotes for WhatsApp

If you want some short and cool quotes for WhatsApp there are plenty of websites available for them. Just go to google or firefox or any other browser you like, do some search and choose the best that suits you. In this category, quotes are very short and to the point but the message is very cool. People love to put cool quotes.

  • Better to remain silent and be thought a dolt than to talk and go without all shortcomings.

  • People that appreciate you the most aren’t always the ones closest to you.

  • The delight of your life depends on the chance of your perspectives.

Now there is another topic about quotes: short deep quotes. Deep quotes are not easy to find. Although there are lots of websites for them, selecting a deep quote is not an easy job. Deep quotes are related to feelings. So choosing this is not easy.

One word short status

One word short status

One word short status for WhatsApp is the important one. People loved to use them. Because this message is clearly given by only one word. You don’t need to define anything. No need to write details. But creating one-word lines is not easy, you have to choose a word carefully.

  • Agitated

  • Silent

  • Dazzling

  • Generous


Unique status lines are used for someone who loves to be unique in every field of life. Some people do unique things that no one else can ever do. This type is especially for unique people.

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